My name is Amelia Herbertson and I am an artist living in Orange, country NSW, Australia.
Ever since I was little I have been creative, fashioning objects (toilet roll phones, newspaper handbags) out of anything I could get my hands on. As my dexterity developed, Mum’s pantry was saved when she gave me a crayon. My life so far is documented in a series of sketchbooks which contain everything from mindless doodles, to snapshots of my travels. 
I prefer to work with fine tipped ink pen on paper which allows me to produce lots of detail in my patterns and line work. To add another dimension to my pieces, I use colour in the form of watercolour and gouache which has a lovely translucency. I like to work tiny lines of colour into layers to create shapes and textures.

More recently, I have also developed a line of linocut prints and a range of hand printed stationery. I enjoy the hands on method of lino printing, and love that no two prints turn out the same. 

My new website is up and running here: www.ameliaherbertson.com
Thank you for visiting!
Amelia xx